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The organisation uses music and cultural events as tools to fundraise and promote unity.

2019 Stop YOUTH CRIME - Ken runs London Marathon & Rally with us at Trafalgar Square

Youth Crime is a human right Violation.

All children need protection from all danger rising in all forms. Every day a child is lost to youth crime in the United Kingdom.

Read more here.

2018 Ken runs Richmond Marathon to feed homeless

Ken Simuyemba successfully run the Richmond Marathon for Come Together People Feed the homeless campaign.

Read more here.

2018 Come Together People Debate/Music Event

Celebrating cultural diversity and inclusiveness through a music, dance, seminar and culture program.

Read more here.

2017 Parents and Children celebrating Diversity

Come Together People is happy to announce

the success of Parents and Children celebrate diversity

Read more here.

2016 Say You Love Me

The release of music video 'Say you love me' and working to bring bring development of the music industry in Africa.


Watch the video here.

2014 I Am An African

Leading community work to improve people's lives.

Releasing music video 'I m An African'.


Watch the video here.

2012 Come Together Rally (Endorse by Paul McCartney), London, UK


Produced a musical, dance and poetry extravaganza

to celebrate diversity on Trafalgar Square, London, UK

See the event gallery here.

2003 Come Together People (with Youssou N'Dour)

The “Come Together” concert in 2003 aimed to raise awareness and funds for AIDS stricken children and young people in Africa. Senegalese Grammy winner mega star Youssou N’Dour performed alongside Norwegian musicians such as Erik Bye, Lynnie Treekrem, Cheb Hosine, Toneo Blesdin (also known as Dennis Otone) and Ole Ask.

The event was in collaboration with Snøhetta, Nordisk Film, Scandic Hotels , Purr Productions, Pluss-Landsforeningen mot Aids, The South African Embassy , Kirkens Nødhjelp,Sannes Eiendom , Peppes Pizza and Real.

Read more here.

2002 Come Together in OSLO, Norway

“Come Together” 2002, was a fantastic collaboration between Purr Productions, Norwegian Red Cross and The Norwegian Church Aid. The Come Together initiative raised funds for the Norwegian Red Cross and the Norwegian Church Aid.

The concert, which was held in Oslo , connected  superstar Grammy winner Miriam Makeba with local Norwegian acts such as: Torhild Sivertsen, Erik Bye, Steinar Albrigtsen, Cheb Hocine, Raya & her Gipsy Legacy, Tom Pachenko, Synnøve Svarbø, Tande P and Mr G.P.S Nacobo. Mr Jens Stoltenberg, the former Prime Minister of Norway, also held a speech.

Read more here.

2002 Celebrity Social Gathering

Come Together People organized a reception at the South African Embassy in Oslo Norway. The event brought together Mr Kenneth Kaunda, Founder and former President of Zambia, Norwegian politicians such as Kristin Halverson leader of Socialistic Party, Trond Giske MP and  Minister of Trade and Industry from Labour Party.  Norwegian artists such as Noora, Simone, Dennis Otone etc. Organisations such as Red Cross, Norwegian Church Aid where represented,  while Snohetta was represented by Co founder Kjetil Thorsen.

This event was aimed at networking and finding a way of working together in making  a difference in lives of the underprivileged children.

Read more here.

2001 Come Together (With Norwegian celebrities) in Norway

Following the xenophobic murder of Benjamin Hermansen, the “Come Together” concert held on the 30th April 2001, aimed to raise awareness and combat racism in Norway. Speeches supporting the cause were made by Mr. Jens Stoltenberg 2001 Prime Minister of Norway, and Mr Happy Mahlangu, The South African Ambassador to Norway.

This event was organised in collaboration with Purr Productions, LO, Oslo Arbeiderparti, Nopa, Norsk Folkehjelp, AOF,  Gramart, Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon and Handel og Kontor.

The event brought together well known Norwegian artists such as Mari Boine, Jonas Fjeld, Jørn Hoel, Noora, Stig Van Eijk, Raya, Torhild Sivertsen, Steinar Albrigtsen, Cheb Hocine, Dennis Otone and the Rhythm Ace, Bendik Hofseth, Zikalo, Pancha Embla, Zanza, Jon Poindexter and Ken Simuyemba.

Read more here.

1997 “Hand in Hand” for the Zambian youth football team to the Norway Cup

Produced “Hand in Hand” fundraising concerts both in Norway and in Zambia for the Zambian youth football team to the Norway Cup. The concert in Zambia was held in support of the initiative with television, radio and newspapers carrying the event. Through Norwegian NRK Radio we raised funds helping the team to participate in the Norwegian Youth tournament.

Read more here.

1995 Aid to Kaunda Square Primary School in Zambia

Come Together People-Hand in Hand aid Campaign of 1995 donated  School stationary

to Kaunda Square Primary School  located in Lusaka  Zambia.

This project was directed by Ken Simuyemba donation of Books, chairs, pens,pencils and other school items from Norway to aid Kaunda Square Primary School. Over 2000 children benefited from this effort.

Read more here.

1991 Takk Norge or Thank You Norway

This successful event was held at the Oslo Concert Hall brought together artists of different race and background. Mr Nelson Mandela sent a representative Mr Popo Molefe on his behalf while the Norwegian Government sent representative the Minister of Justice.

See more here.

Simply Love, Love, Love

Ken Simuyemba produced and performer at Simply Love, Love, Love Outdoor concert which was held at Radhuset Plass in Oslo Norway. The event brought awareness on the work NOAS, Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers  do.         

See more here.

Save the Child charity project

Save  the Child is  Ken Simuyemba/Come Together People charity project for the children.

See more here.

Black and White conference

 Successful Norway for Black and White conference by Ken Simuyemba/Come Together People

See more here. 

Other Come Together Events:

  • 2015 release of Time music video to bring awareness to the refugee crisis in Europe, participating in media interviews

  • 2013 music production releasing of I m Over Here album and leading Come Together People.

  • 2009 Produced and directed Snøhetta 20th Anniversary. “Snøhetta” is the Norwegian Architect Company that re-built the Alexandria library in Egypt and built the Ground Zero Museum in New York.

  • 2008 Directed and promoted concert for 5-times Grammy award winner Juan Luis Guerra, held in Norway. Juan Luis Guerra has sold over 20 million copies of his music world wide.

  • 2003 Produced a Come Together concert featuring Grammy award winner Youssou N Dour focusing on HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

  • 2002 Produced a concert fundraising for the Norwegian Red Cross. The event was attended by the Norwegian Prime Minister and the South African Ambassador. Miriam Makeba was one of the main artists. Many Norwegian artists and celebrities performed and participated.

  • 2002 Fundraising for four Zambian schools in collaboration with the Zambian Ministry of Education.

  • 2002 Organised a reception at the South African Embassy in Norway that brought together Kenneth Kaunda, Founder of the Nation and President of Zambia, with Norwegian politicians from all political parties and artists and celebrities across the board.

  • 2001 Produced Come Together the music event in Oslo, Norway. It was attended by Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, the Prime Minister of Norway and, Mr. Happy Mahlangu, the South Africa Ambassador in Norway. The event was organised in collaboration with Purr Productions, LO, Oslo Arbeiderparti, Nopa, Norsk folkehjelp, AOF, Gramart, Musikernes Fellesorganisasjon og Handel and Kontor. The concert brought together well known Norwegian artists of different racial backgrounds such as Mari Boine, Jonas Fjeld, Jørn Hoel, Noora, Stig Van Eijk, Raya, Torhild Sivertsen, Steinar Albrigtsen, Cheb Hocine, Dennis Otone and the Rhythm Ace, Bendik Hofseth, Zikalo, Pancha Embla, Zanza, Jon Poindexter and Ken Simuyemba.

  • 1998 Produced the Panga Pamodzi Prize ceremony which honoured artists who contributed towards humanity such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, , Miriam Makeba, Youssou N Dour, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker.

  • 1997 Produced a series of fundraising concerts for the University Teaching Hospital for Children in

  • 1997 Produced and performed in the fundraising concert “Support the Child” for Zambian children.

  • 1995 Fundraising for Kaunda Square Primary School in Zambia

  • 1995 Produced and performed in the ‘‘Hand in Hand’’ fundraising concert that provided a shelter to 500 homeless orphans in Lusaka Zambia and medical care.

  • 1993 Produced and performed in a concert for the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers-NOAS.

  • 1993 Organised the “Norway for Black and White” conference in Norway. The Prime Minister of Norway Ms: Gro Harlem Brundtland was represented by the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.

  • 1993 Ken Simuyemba met and performed on several occasions for President Nelson Mandela. He performed at the President’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

  • 1991 Produced a concert for Nelson Mandela -Thank you Norway- in support of the ANC, where Mr. Mandela was represented by Mr. Popo Molefe.

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