Come Together for Zero Hunger & No Homelessness

As so many helpless, homeless children and families around the world make that clarion call for assistance with food and shelter which some of us take for granted, we in Come Together People have decide to respond by launching a Come Together for Zero Hunger & No Homelessness. On this day, we want to supply food to people in need as well as work to house the homeless.  We will collect donations through music activities/Poetry and from the public. You are called to this action to donate directly through our Come Together People website.

 In this action, we aim to help thousands of people.  But we cannot do this alone, your contribution is key.

The initial phase of this campaign is targeted to help homeless communities here in the United Kingdom.

Our target groups:

 •  Phase 1: The homeless in the United Kingdom

 •  Phase 2: The homeless in Europe

 •  Phase 3: The homeless in USA

 •  Phase 4: The homeless in Africa

With your help, we will work around the clock, 365 days a year, to deliver the promise.

We’re working tirelessly to build a world with zero hunger, but we can’t reach this goal without your kind support today.

Why donate

Yes! Every donation goes directly towards helping hungry, homeless children and families.

Each and every contribution we receive is immediately put to work.

We work with partner organizations to help solve the world’s most challenging problems. The late Michael Jackson once said ‘I’m starting with the man in the mirror’ – telling us that to be able to create change, it must start with yourself. Therefore, Come Together People invites you to get involved, be a part of change.  Experience has shown us that some of our best resources in the fight against extreme poverty, disease, homelessness and educational inequity are the people who act in their own communities.