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Come Together People take a catalyst role. It develops strategic alliances and partnerships to create projects in carefully selected sites, which in turn benefits our local communities and other communities on a global scale.
The organisation uses music and cultural events as tools to fundraise and promote unity.
The organisation does not function as a traditional grant-making agency. Instead, using established programming parameters, the Foundation conceptualises and launches projects with credible and experienced implementation partners.

Net profits from Come Together people events goes to support organisations and initiatives that develop and implement sustainable community and family oriented programmes, and thereby aspire to ensure normal development and education for all children and young people.
To ensure the success of this mission,

Come Together People has developed

programs and partnerships

in the following areas:

 · Health
 · Education
 · Economic empowerment
 · Racial, ethnic and religious

 · Music and entertainment
 · Event production

How We Work and fundraise:

In partnership with artists, music

and sports industry we:

1. organize music and cultural events

2. organize sports events


Global Community aid:

1. We help and advocate for children in need

2. We help and advocate for homeless people

3. We help and advocate for the hungry

4. We help and advocate for peace and equality


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