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Ken Simuyemba of Come Together People meet the homeless in London!!

London is one of the wealthiest Cities in the world.  It is a shame that such a city should continue to ignore homelessness which affect children and families every single day.

We Londoners have become immune to see some people sleeping outside and begging for food. These people have now become the lost families of the human race in a city where millionaires and billionaires live. How can we justify our reasons of leaving some people to suffer as some of us swim in riches and wealth? How can we go to sleep at night in our warm beds and warm houses as this unfairness spreads all around us? What kind of human beings are we? Surely there must be people among us who have good conscious of the extent of this problem and recognises the need for us as human beings to help other humans who need help. This is what life is all about.  Seeing families and children in unlivable conditions as we go by ignoring the magnitude of homelessness and the damage it causes to our fellow human species is reckless.

We all have been very good at coming up with statistics, but do we really know the real number on homelessness? Come Together People has been in the streets to speak to the homeless and the stories we have heard are devastating.  These people need to be looked after, they need us.

Come Together People therefore call upon you to find time and a heart to extending your help to our brothers and sisters who are out there in the streets. We know that the People of United Kingdom are capable of standing together when called upon.

We therefore call upon you to stand with us in this process to eradicate homelessness. This is our moral duty as human beings.

Please take a minute to see our film on homelessness below:

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