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Celebrity Gathering 2002 - August 28

Purr Productions in collaboration with South African Embassy held the first Celebrity Social Gathering on the 28.August 2002. A glass of South African Wine was saved as well as African Cuisine for peace and friendship.

Celebrity Social gathering is meant to bring Celebrities of all races together to enjoy and share ideas.

Dignitaries such as the first President of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Norwegian politicians such former Minister of education Mr. Trond Giske, Chairperson of Socialist Party Ms. Kristin Halvorsen, Norwegian well known artists such as: Simone of D.Sound, Unni Willhelmsen, Noora, Cheb Hocine. Well-known architect, Mr. Kjeltil Trædal Thorsen attended the ceremony.  Mr Kjetil T. Thorsen and his company SnøHetta, rebuild the Egyptian library Alexandra.

Representatives from all different Organization such as, Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Church Aid, Norwegian People s Aid, North Pool, Chairman of Norwegian Grammy Award Mr. Saemund Fiskvik. The South African Embassy attended the event.

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