Youth Crime is a human right Violation.
All children need protection from all danger rising in all forms. Every day a child is lost to youth crime in the United Kingdom. It is why;

         1. Ken Simuyemba run

   London Marathon

on the 28 April 2019

in support of Come Together People appeal to the Government to put more money in education and Youth Activities.

2. We are happy to announce to all our supporters that Come Together People to Stop Youth Crime Rally in the United Kingdom, which was held in Trafalgar Square on the 10th August 2019 was a great success!

Read about the Stop Crime Rally in the Evening Standard News here!

Peace, charity and integration among all people

Come Together People take a catalyst role. It develops strategic alliances and partnerships to create projects in carefully selected sites, which in turn benefits our local communities and other communities on a global scale.

We work with partner organizations

to help solve the world’s

most challenging problems.

Whichever way you decide to give,

your kind donation will help us to care for more people.

Paul McCartney's Endorsment

Come Together

Paul knows more that most how music plays an integral part in bringing people together, which is why he is behind Come Together London 2011, an event celebrating cultural diversity and inclusiveness through an appreciation of music and dance. Here’s what Paul has to say:

I believe this is a great cause for the United Kingdom’s diverse culture. It will also bring hope to the children of Zambia by using the proceeds from the event to build the first Music Academy.”

Paul McCartney 2011

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